Luc Lirette

The idea of developing Abrigloo came 25 years ago from a complete afternoon I wasted trying to install my carport because I didn’t have the good tools and the screws were rusted.
I was thinking that it didn’t make sense that nobody ever made this simple and that everybody keep buying the same product.

We have smartphones, internet everywhere and so accessible but we have never improved the $%@**## carports.

I spent a lot of time to develop something different, strong and user-friendly.
I asked for several prototypes and make them tried by different people and we improved the product to achieve a perfect result.

My cousine, she is a single-mother, and she can install her carport alone without big efforts without specific tools.

FINALLY !!! You can have a true alternative to basic carports.

Please feel free to contact me and ask all your questions, I will be pleased to answer.

Mario Lirette

Abrigloo is a homegrown product which I personally recommend you. A product invented, developed ans designed by Quebecois know-how. Why spending so much energy for a carport when it is so simple to deploy Abrigloo? Strong and effective, Abrigloo resists unflinchingly to rough North-American winters. The long day loosing precious time to protect your goods are over. Do-it really simply with the certainty of an effective result.

Philippe Oliver Lirette

Have you ever lost an afternoon of your life to install a carport ?
I Have !

But now, there is the possibility to avoid that.
Try Abrigloo !

Jérôme Plantard

I experimented the carport Abrigloo this winter and I am really satisfied. With my brother-in-law, it took us exactly 25 min to instal the carport. Absolutely no issue during this long winter, it resisted to wind, snow storms, etc. Dismantling took me less than 20 min last week, a child could do it. I recommend.