Winter is coming, shelter!

The complete installation of a temporary carport is permitted between November 1 of one year and April 15 of the following year. It must be on the grounds of the property, in a parking space. Authorized materials for temporary car shelters are metal for the frame and synthetic fabric or polyethylene or similar covering, which must completely cover the frame!

Welcome on our new website

This winter again installing and removing your carport was a drudgery ? Discover the carports Abrigloo. A carport retractable, resistant and installed without wasting time. Visit the pages Product, Picture and Video to get more informations. Do not hesitate to contact us and to follow us on Facebook.

Do not remove your carport too soon… One more snow storm!

This weekend, last days of march, a new snow storm is falling on the South of Québec. Do not remove your carport too soon, if you don’t want to find your car under 30 cm of snow. With this last (hopefully) storm, 205 cm of snow in Montreal and 303 cm in Québec have fallen during this winter. Wind could reach 90 km/hour in the area of Lévis and Montmagny, but don’t worry, your carport Abrigloo is conceived to resist to extreme conditions. Be patient, nice days are close and you will need only a few minutes to remove your Abrigloo and enjoy the spring weather. source : Journal de Montréal – Les précipitations de neige n’ont pas dépassé la normale en 2014

March snow storm… Abrigloo resists

Winter is not over yet, your car is protected thanks to Abrigloo. Yesterday around 15 cm of snow fell on Montréal, with strong wind around 70 km/hour. Without Abrigloo your car could have been buried under the powdery snow, but with your carport Abrigloo you are good to go. source : Journal de Montréal – La dernière tempête de l’année ?

Live demonstration

During the hockey tournament, Luc Lirette will make a live demonstration of the installation of Abrigloo.